25 Year Wild Agave – Limited Release


Tasting Notes

Rich flavors of dried apricots and herbs, balanced by layers of wood and smoke. Our magnum opus.

About El Rey Zapoteco

In 1960, in what was a remote area of Oaxaca known as La Higuera, Don Serafín Hernandez created El Rey Zapoteco. The business is now run by his wife Doña Juana and their sons in the exact same location where Don Serafín built the original palenque or distillery, but today the area is known as Santiago Matatlán, mezcal capital of the world. Caretakers of agave fields that routinely yield some of Oaxaca’s largest agaves, the Hernandez family are faithful stewards of traditional production techniques that remain the same as they were at their founding. As one of the few mezcal brands that owns its maguey fields, El Rey Zapoteco is afforded an unparalleled degree of control over the quality of its agriculture. Only fully mature or “capón” agaves are harvested, and for every agave that El Rey Zapoteco harvests, five seedlings are planted to ensure the sustainability of future generations.

Size750 ML
Alcohol Content48% ABV
MezcaleroDoña Juana Hernadez Escobar & Sons
LocationSantiago Matatlán, Oaxaca
HarvestMachete and coa
OvenConical, river rocks and oak wood
FermentationPine vats, natural yeasts
Distillation2x in copper
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